Shifting my clarities (opheliablue) wrote,
Shifting my clarities

'The Minotaur 2' - (#6 from 'Howls & Whispers')

The Minotaur 2

I saw the plot unfolding and me in it,
Where we touched like cripples. Your first scene.
The surreal mystery of our picnic quarrel
Opened your performance quietly.

And you had opened the vein.
And recognised gold. A cry of bereavement.
You had picked up the skein of blood
That twitched and led you, ignoring me.

Not out of the labyrinth
But to the very centre,
Where the Minotaur, which was waiting to kill you,
Killed you.

- Ted Hughes (from 'Howls & Whispers,' Collected Poems)
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