Shifting my clarities (opheliablue) wrote,
Shifting my clarities

The first of my poems set to music..

I hope this works. I finally have 'The Morney Set' on CD - 15 of my poems musically interpreted by Bazza.

I can't get my head get round what he's done with them all. I love them. Some of them are stunning - and some of them are so different from what I expected, it's incredible. Yeah, I'll be uploading them all.

I've asked him to do a blog on his myspace page about it with a link to my myspace page and a link to where you can buy my book. He's told me a lot of musician friends of his really want to hear it - they want to hear his interpretations and my words... they're all people who've worked with a lot of my favourite country stars.

My head is reeling a little.
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